Why I’m starting a mentoring program

Monday, 8 June 2020

I announced earlier this week on social media that I am looking for two female cyclists to mentor for three months. I am running this as a free opportunity where I want the recipients to gain insight and knowledge on how to take action to make their dreams a reality. Having had a lot of time to reflect on my career to date and my future goals and plans, I have re focused and redefined my purpose in the last few months. I realised I gained so much from helping others and setting up a mentoring program to share my experience and knowledge with the next generation of cyclists gets me seriously excited. 

Over the ten years I have been a professional cyclist, I have overcome injuries and setbacks, I have been exposed to many different cultures through different teams and teammates and I have ridden and performed over every type of terrain and in every condition the weather has thrown our way. 

Growing up in Port Macquarie, regional Australia, I didn’t have a clear path to the top level of the sport, my story is filled with overcoming obstacles and developing a ‘find a way’ attitude. Everyones path is different and thats what makes the story exciting. I recognise the need for role models and mentors for young athletes and now, in the times of social media and technology, it is possible to connect and embrace the opportunity and responsibility I feel I have as an elite athlete. 

I will be establishing an ongoing mentoring program opportunity for athletes to have the chance to connect with me and others as I share my knowledge on different aspects of the sport and how these aspects can be applied to make the next step in their journeys. I intend to cover multiple topics with my mentees, ranging from nutrition options, recovery techniques, general training structure, mindset and meditations, strength training techniques, yearly periodisation, goal setting and exploring missions/purpose and passions. Individual programs will be tailored to each athlete with weekly calls to focus on areas that are the key growth areas for that individual. I believe everyone needs someone they can bounce their ideas off and learn from, I intend to provide that opportunity for athletes. 

Establishing this program gets me really excited and emotional. I want to empower others by sharing my story with purpose and passion.

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